Sunday, September 22, 2019

Episode I - Release 1.1.0 out!

It was slow, it was bumpy but it's now out!
Valyria Tear Episode I - v1.1.0 is now released. :)

 I talked about the following features in the previous post:
- A skill graph permitting custom made evolution of characters.
- A way more streamlined story evolution and less grindy experience.
- Faster battle experience with a lot of better visuals and more balanced enemies.
- More readable status effects throughout the game.
- A lot of bugfixes, including critical ones on the lua heap management, sound crash and other bloopers.
- Valyria Tear is also featuring a skill graph editor.

 Let's have a round on the past effort:
- 1026 commits on the game repository (not even speaking of all the work done on the other ones.)
- The previous release was on April, the 25th 2016 ( Oh my, more than 3 years :O )

Good news is: Since it's way too much time, I've now reduced a lot the scope of my next release so hopefully things happen faster.
And next release will at last include some story content update. :D

Stay tuned!


  1. Just found out about the update. Nice to read about the improvements. :-)

  2. Hi Bertram,
    great to discover there is 2019 update for this game! :)

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