Tuesday, February 26, 2013

OSX test packages!

Hi all,

As Socapex said it, happened to own a mac, willing to have a go at testing Valyria?

A testing package for Mountain Lion has been made here:


And soon for Snow Leopard!

A big thanks to him for doing that uneasy job.

Have fun!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Full Episode I dev started

Hi all, :)

Almost twenty days have followed the first finished Valyria Tear release, and here is what happened since then:

The main feature I have been working on for almost two weeks was the separation of the weapon layer from the main characters layer, making it possible to display a custom weapon animation corresponding to the current character's equipment! And I'm happy to say this is now true at least for the battle mode. :)

Another key point I wanted to see done before moving on was the ability to setup a scripted death sequence for battle enemies. It went along much more nicely than I thought and it's now a reality:

Bronann handling his wood sword, and the boss dying in a custom way...

And, this is not everything we made:

Key items can now be weapons, equipment or everything else as the "Key" flag of key items is now a simple tag, and not a item type anymore, permitting me to clearly set the characters starting equipment as key items, and make it visible in the menu window.

I also made physical objects support scriptable event triggering when "talking" to them, and this permitted me for instance, to make Olivia's cat meow or Lilly's dog bark, as many people were requesting this ;) , but it will also permit me to add hidden switches, and so on...

Something that was quite requested also, is the fact to be able to select the language at first run. This is now done and the game will prompt the language menu and accept common keys to select it before displaying the help window in the right language, making new players much more at ease from the start.

And of course, I started to script the next part of the story, finishing the after crystal appearance scene, and preparing the return to village phase. More to come on it, for sure. ;)

Last but not least, Ikarus also made his part of work by being in the finals of preparing new dungeons minimap support:

New WIP minimap support by IkarusDowned :)

Stay tuned!