Monday, April 13, 2015

Let's Play Valyria Tear - By Eugene Loza

Hey there, :D

Just a few words to thanks loudly Eugene Loza for creating a let's play for Valyria Tear!

The let's play now spans till the beginning of the Mt Elbrus Dungeon and is still being worked on. :)

So, what happened on Valyria Tear since the last time?

Valyria Tear technical upgrade is still being worked on, but several interesting issues were fixed and a few features done in any case. :)

The most interesting ones are:


- Added a setting to either be gentle with the CPU or get the maximum FPS possible. You'll find that in the Video settings.
- Added support to disconnect and reconnect your game pad without being forced to restart the game. Thanks to SuiteCake for that one. :D
- Completely reorganized the game data. When I say completely, believe me it's completely. This was hard work, but now the data is organized with next episodes and features in mind.
- Made the app name and logo optionally translatable. Gallaecio requested that one a long time ago, and I'm glad this is now done. :)


- Added support to see active status effects on the current target, so that you can see what enemy is affected by them, or which ally you should help, for instance.

- Added support to show the status effects potentially applied when aiming on a body part. Useful against certain enemies.

- Also, as I was on it, now both battle heroes and enemies have much more common logic, permitting for both of them to support an optional AI with script support, and custom death, skill and item scripted animations.

Shout out:

Next OpenDungeons release nearing completion!

If you are a Dungeon Keeper fan, just have a look at the new website, and try the latest development snapshot. :D

Stay tuned!!