Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Hi there!

Already a month since the last piece of news so I wanted to make a little one. ;)

New skills

As said in the title, a lot of groundwork has happened in preparation of the global game scale. In short, about 60 skills were added in the in box to support the equipment upgrade system the player will be able to later use.

On the left, you can see an example of a later spell you'll be able to cast to protect your team against Earth based attacks!

I've added the necessary items you'll need to find or buy to later improve your equipment, and add spirit slots to it! I won't spoil it all but spirits will help you obtain new spells based on how you'll combine them on your equipment.

I thus added support to earn new skills through equipment. This will likely make the game more strategical and more fun. ;)
A lot of work remains but it's already coming along nicely so far.

New skills in the debug menu


The two next maps linked to the story have also been added, and the heroes will soon have to evade the bad guy's army in order to survive this. (Mwahaha!)
The pursuit maps are ready on paper and I hope to put out a new intermediate release afterwards, just before the second dungeon.

Bug fix and other improvements

The title tells it. A ton of bugfixes have happen since last month and keep on coming, making the next release more stable than ever!
Also, Ablu helped fixing the icon installation on linux distributions, hasufell helped fixing path installations, and authenticate just spotted two nasty bugs leading to crashes. :D

The bug fixes aren't all made of code though. Many graphics were slightly improved along with the addition of support for images offsets, permitting to add back its shadow to the Fenrir, and fixing the grass clumps being previously cut on their bottom edge, for instance.


A special note for translation with the ever wonderful job of BioHazardX and NaN in updating the Italian and German translations.
A special guest also came along and not only fixed certain English typos but also added the Galician (gl) translation. A big thanks to Gallaecio for that.

Knitter also started the Portuguese (pt_PT) translation so this might soon become a reality, too. :)

Stay tuned!