Tuesday, September 11, 2012

While in the making of the 'dungeon'...

Hi all! :)

As told in the title, while in the making of the first 'dungeon' which will be the layna forest, I worked and polished several things that are, IMHO, already improving the map scenes.

Here is a patchwork of several small things added recently:

Emotes, particle effects, and more...

And the change list:
Most notably, I finished the addition of Emote support which makes all the character speeches much more lively. :D
Using all that, I finished the introduction in the forest entrance map. Now, what happens there is much more logical.

Based on feed-back and personal bad experiments ;), I also Polished at bit the battle command logic to prevent most severely to block a player with sometimes a never-ending command at the end of a battle
I also made Kalya's arbalest arrow visible in battles when firing.

 I brought fixes in the shop mode to make it remember the right and sell prices. Better that way, isn't it?

I spent some time also in refactoring the particle engine code to avoid memleaks and permit to stop and restart particle effects, making the save points much better looking for instance.
And finally, I did some code cleanups or style fixes, still on going , btw...

Stay tuned! ;)