Monday, October 28, 2013

Going into the dungeon...

Hi all, :)

Among other exciting things (just like new Valyria Tear's ports), here is what has been done last month:

I worked mainly on the next two story maps, which will lead our heroes into the last Episode I dungeon entrance:

The high mountain part, just before the shrine entrance.

Lilou and I have been working on paper on the dungeon design (again and again) and agreed on something. (Believe me, that's the main point! ;])

I also added Lilou's horse into the game, and worked on adding shoulders for the new portraits that were missing those.
I also tweaked certain dialogues and added a proper battle AI to Banesore in the village now the game has support for it, making the battle a bit better tuned.
Finally, I added a new optional quest in the starting village. The well-known and venerable 'Find the chicken' quest!

Development-wise, I've been working first on something one person of my primary audience (aka my sister) was requesting since a long, long time. Something I will call edge detection or soft-edges since I was unable to find an official name for that. (might be my own fault) ;)

Briefly, our Hero was previously stopped by walls even when touching them even on edges. Now, it will slide away from them and keep on walking. On another hand, the character won't slide against people he can talk to, treasures, and other interact-able items, to preserve the gameplay.
Here is an example when walking south:

I also added a star icon in front of the currently selected language in the option menu as requested by Aapo, and finally added a missing API scripting function used to properly start an event after a dialogue without tangling the map game states! Quite obscure isn't it? But believe me, it was necessary. ;)

Last but not least, I finally got around removing the GL renderer used to display tiles in the Map Editor, and use an actual Qt Renderer instead!
This permitted to untangle the engine and editor code, remove a lot of unnecessary dependencies for the editor, and leave it out of the way on the port to SDL2. (It previously was broken in the SDL2 port).

Translation wise, I also thank dimproject who made the full game translation into Russian!

I've also been working a lot on compiling OpenDungeons dependencies for Windows (FOSS Dungeon Keeper in the making), and if you're interested to help, feel free to drop by!

Stay tuned!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Valyria Tear 0.6.0 on Maemo5/N900

Hi everyone,

Thanks to the work of Aapo Rantalainen, Valyria Tear can now be run on N900 with quite surprisingly few
issues for a first version.
Big kudos to him!!

Here is the announcement and below a video!