Monday, July 2, 2012

Maps and engine dev

Hi everyone,

Since the last time, I spent some time at adding several maps and some other elements to expand the starting village exterior. And if I'm counting right, there is only one exterior map left to cover the village part. (which I'm currently doing (and re-doing) atm.

The transition to Kalya's house map. Beware, the path is on survey. ;)
I also finally finished merging the script support from the boot and the battle mode into a script supervisor, which will permit me to add custom (scening and dialogue mostly) scripting for any game mode. :)

Last but not least, I couldn't resist anymore and I reached a first step in a long time wish:
In the battle mode, the characters now have custom scriptable attack support, and use of it!, which means the hero will now jump to its enemy before hitting it with his sword.
I also fixed the battle actors drawing order so that the enemies behind one another aren't overlapped anymore, and the characters going to face their enemy don't walk over the ones below, for instance.
You might also notice that I started working on Kalya (Laila) attack sprites and several other little additions.
Bronann (Claudius) now jumps to his enemies.

'Till next time.

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