Monday, July 23, 2012

Slowly shaping up!

Hi everyone,

It's been a while since I didn't write something here. A lot has happen though, even if quite some of it is still behind the scene.
Most of the people compiling the game will already have noticed it for days, but the end of the hide and seek quest has been scripted.
A special Don't-Desperate point to Iwan and Shirish who have been chasing that funny kid all around the starting village. It seems I'll need to add some hints there and there from the other inhabitants.

You should anyway be able to obtain the item needed to finish that small first quest.

You might also notice that, now, the map music doesn't interrupt when switching from a map to another with the same background music. To achieve this, I added an ownership system to the audio files, letting the game modes own a music file and free it from memory when not needed anymore, but keeping it untouched as long as a game mode needs it.

This permitted me to remove the sound loading and freeing micromanagement done in the map files, and will let the scripts do more stuff sound wise without cluttering the memory more than necessary.

Another thing that you might have noticed in the last post is that Safir-Kreuz did a first version of the new Bronann's portrait (a big thanks to him!), and I also removed the weapon from the Bronann's back, which will fit more the story beginning. The actual plan is to make the sword appear on his back based on his equipment. :)

I also spent some time on upgrading the treasure system and the key item handling, which needed a bit more love than I expected. You'll then be able to open treasure chest again :)

The 'open a treasure' dialog.

A small warning in the menu's item description should also tell you when an item is a key item or a shard.

Key items.

I'll add much more treasure chests around in the village, but only once I've finished the game up to the point where you can enter the forest. More to come about it, then. ;)

So what about now:
I'm currently fighting a nasty bug in the event handling making random crashes appear for a certain set of events. The bad news is that it is preventing me to push the next part of the story, the good news is that I've found the bug and most interestingly why it is happening. I shall then fix it quite soon, hopefully.

Best regards,

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