Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Editor and allacrostian work

Hi all,

I've lately been working on several things (again):

First of all, I took care of a long time wish, check whether the allacrost demo could work with the newest engine version. It's now done! The HeroOfAllacrost branch is now up-to-date again. You can try the former game demo by compiling this branch now. :)

It was quite a good proof of concept to make someone else's work function with the scripting language changes I've put. And I'm a bit reassured about the current engine state now. ;)
It also permitted me to fix two bugs related to invalid halo images and context inheritances.

I also kept on working on the editor to further easing the pain of map making. There is still work to do, but you can now create layers, and move them up or down as long as they stay contiguous by type. E.g.: A ground layer cannot be displayed after a sky one.
You can also hide/show a layer; the editor will hint you about what layer is visible or not using an eye icon left to its name.

What is left to do is to add the possibility to remove a layer, and to change its type or name.

The editor, now ported to QT4 and with some new options for handling the layers.

With all that, I should have a basic yet sufficient base to keep mapping a bit, and look at what tool could help me next.

I also thank qubodup for pushing to add support to boost 1.49. I guess he gave the right little nudge at the right time, as it now done. :)

Till next time!

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