Monday, July 30, 2012

Almost in the forest!


Yesterday, I added the last village sequence before the hero can leave the village, so for those who were starving to fight monsters, there is not that long left to wait. :)

Good news, you'll even be able to get a sword, and a team mate!!

As for the other news, I've done a invisible but necessary engine change: Now, animations scripts (used to load every animated objects (or not, btw) you can see) have gained a much more flexible format permitting me, for instance, to directly load certain objects from the tilesets (thus, reducing the memory used), and to use any frame, an arbitrary amount of time, in an arbitrary order. (Compared to the fact that I previously needed to create an image with the frames in the right order.)

There is nothing much (new) to see as for now, since I adapted the existing animations to just look like before, but it will soon permit me to make the map sprite loading code much more flexible and add a true custom animation support for our heroes, making them laugh, being surprised in a more visible way. ;)

I'll also take the time here to talk about a issue the map code has been having for a long time:
Which is described here if any OpenGL specialist wants to have a look:
The map code is having a pixel shift on tiles that are on the bottom-half of the screen, making certain tiles not look completely "right".
According to the clues I have gathered so far, it seems that the texture and/or vertices coordinates computation is wrong somehow, so I take the opportunity to ask for help if anybody is interested in fixing that low point.

Best regards!

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