Thursday, August 16, 2012

A nice video!

Hi everyone,

I took all the guts I could have and asked qudobup to make a video, ... and he accepted!



  1. "... and he accepted!"

    You're making me feel what probably a naive young person feels, when s/he is asked out for a date (asked to make a video) by a person s/he thinks is cool (by default, every person working on an open source game is cool in my eyes) without realizing (I record many videos, so it's not a unique task to me) that that person has a crush on me (your happiness of seeing your game [child] being played by somebody [growing up]).

    Oh my. I don't want to go back and check this sentence for grammatical correctness and logic... ^^

    Hey, this sounds like a nice romance story for a game... p1 asks p2 to record a video of their game and is happy<3<3<3 when p2 says yes while p2 is "huh? why is p1 so happy? It's just a video capture task..." ah... love.. and silly game design ideas.. xD

  2. XD Ok, that can sound like that. But I guess my wife won't accept this version so easily!! ;D

    Anyway, yes, (Lilou and me) we're quite glad to see cool people having interest for the project and accepting even everyday tasks which actually helps (found and fixed three bugs thanks to your video.)

    So thanks again, and I hope you'll also enjoy what's coming. :)