Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Forest early start & other improvements

Hi there!

Lately, I've been busy integrating the latest upgrades in the village, mainly adding treasures, props, new water :), flowers, new sounds, ect...
As for me, the village is somewhat reaching the "release candidate 1" level. ;)

Example of new props (Flowers, ...)

I also fixed a crash in the save dialog and when a treasure chest was empty. This permitted me to add the very first map (Still WIP atm in the repo): the forest entrance.
Note that the interesting part of it is not the map but the fact that I added support to show the battle front character as map sprite, in this game area.
This was kinda requested by qubodup and Lilou for instance. ;)

You can now act as Kalya in the forest depending on the battle formation.


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