Thursday, June 14, 2012

Some pixel art


Lately, I've been busy at putting in shape tilesets and other sprites for what will be next in game.

Ruins exterior tileset beginning - from Daniel Cook's free graphics.

A new npc character has made her entering (by finishing some of Jetrel's work), and I made several adapted to be tileable additions from the Circle 2D free graphics from

Lilly (I only made the left and right walking frames)

I also added a draft of a new map (which is veeery ugly atm.) and I must say that I'll tend adding several (even unfinished) maps simply to be able to test the scripts and what's next in the story before entering the polishing phase.

While on it, I came back on working on the editor which is still in need of a lot of love. For now, I simply removed the texture smoothing there (wasn't helping when looking at tiles transitions.), and ported it to QT4.

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  1. Delighted to see that the effort of allacrost was not for naught!

    So glad you provide full license info too.

    Do you plan to start some kind of community communication tool like a forum or mailing list? (I'm not saying it's needed, just curious and actually worried that they might drain more energy than add productivoty.)

    1. Ah, I realize I didn't answer the community forum or mailing list question. Well, as for now, Valyria is only a four map 2D RPG with no battles, and quite nothing to do except walking around.

      The project is still quite new, and I must say I thought the blog would be the nicest solution, even in a longer term.
      I guess people don't need a forum or a mailing list yet, since I'm (still) alone in doing everything here ;), and there is no playable game yet. :)

      I'm not even sure something will be needed even after the first release. :)

      Best regards,

  2. PS: can't cmake on arch linux 64bit:

    1. Hi qubodup,

      I'm also glad you're happy with what's being done. :)

      I must say that updating the Licensing info has been quite some work. ;)
      Speaking of which, if you see something that can be improved there, and if I'm missing a license info, don't hesitate to tell, with why not, a link to the original art.

      As for your compilation problem, it seems to come from the fact that you're using boost 1.49. As I had to fix compilation against it anyway, I made this commit that should help you about it:

      I hope you'll enjoy, even if the game doesn't go very far, yet.

      Best regards,

  3. Thanks, it runs!

    The tiles flicker (or something behind them does). See .
    Does this happen to you as well? It might be my open source ATI drivers on Linux.

    The bed seems to be scaled. Is that right? It looks non-pixel-arty this way.. (I disabled smoothing).

    Should I write stuff like this on the github issue tracker?

    1. Hi :)

      Don't hesitate to open issues. :) Even if I'm aware of the problem or even if it's done on purpose or for simplification, I'm always opoen for comments, and you might also fall on something I missed, so no problem. ;)

      About the flicker:
      Unfortunately, yes I saw those tiles flickering since almost the start. Roots (and may be others) have added some functions computing the a pixel perfect collision for the tiles, and I know it's not sufficient because the engine must draw the tile by taking care of giving the correct quad edges coordinates in the current viewpoint chosen.
      I'm making tries about that, mostly trying to gather evidences that the bugs indeed coming from that, or trying to fix the coordinates display, but still not lucky so far.
      I'm missing some OpenGL experience here, and the video backend can be quite overwhelming to look at. :/

      About the bed, yes, I only streched the bed sprite to make a bed for two. (They're married, they can ;])
      The bed in the mountain village has got two problems: 1. it is scaled, 2. both beds are too good for such poor people. I'll have to have a go at making a simpler bed sometimes in the future.

      If you walk around, you'll notice more mistakes, (I'm still rusty in map-making, sorry.) and the map to the south is still a big WIP thing.