Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Release Candidate 2

Hi everyone,

After a lot of work, the release candidate 2 of our first release is here and can be downloaded here.

This time, I provided both a windows installer, and a linux source package, fully tested against official packaging rules thanks the marvelous help of Ablu. :)

What changed since the previous pre-release?

In short:
- Addition of the actual introduction of the game.
- Quest log in the menu thanks to IkarusDowned.
- New reorganized battle command menu.
- Many new graphics and small updates in the maps.
- Translation of the all dialogues and the main GUI options in every available languages (German, Italian, English and French) thanks to the help of BioHazardX and NaN.
- Simplified and more interactive first battle tutorial dialogue.
- Made the linux source installable and thus packageable.
- Many, many other bug fixes.

We also tried to answer all the feedback received on the forums and by other means and tweaked many things based on that, even if certain are still pending.

Also, a Mac port requested!! If you're a mac developer, and willing to help on that part, I couldn't be more happy, feel free to get in touch. :)

Stay tuned!

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