Thursday, January 31, 2013

Final release of Half-Episode I

Hi all,

The first Valyria Tear release of half the episode I has reached its final state!
Note: The windows installer and the Linux source package should be available in a few hours. The packages are ready!! Enjoy!

And here is what has been done since the last release candidate (aka RC2):

First of, the game is using new musics in battles and in the caves area, permitting to give back to Allacrost by letting it breath with its own musical mood. I hope you'll enjoy the new music as I did play with the new ones for several days to make sure of the replacement.
A big and never-ending thanks to as the many quality and free contributions there made this step rather easy, for that change, but also for everything linked to open sourced art in general.

I'm also taking the opportunity to thank again the quality while fast-paced work of IkarusDowned, who simply finished the quest log, which is looking quite useable now:

New Quest Log, now with completion text and location images of the quest start

He also worked on the beginning of a map (and minimap!) support in game, and the world map is already a very usable feature, see for yourself:
The current WIP World Map, entirely configurable :)

Let's not forget the work of Codergreen who actually reached a milestone in the refresh of the shop mode. The new shop is now much simpler to use and quicker to get stuff from or sell to, and I thank him warmly for that.
Simply select the item you want to buy/sell, use the left or right key to add/remove, confirm and you're done.
Trade support is also on the roll and should be ready for the next release!
The new code should also be lighter, both in readability and in performance, as it seemingly was for me:
The new shop! from Codergreen

As for the misc things, many, many smaller things have made their way through and were added or fixed for this latest release, I'm taking the opportunity to thanks Shirish (among many others) for the thorough playtests he's done and the bugs reported:
- Many optimizations, removal of global variables, in lua scripts.
- Made the engine able to drop a global table before reinserting data in it, thus preventing the read of outdated data and preventing potential crashes and the loading of invalid save data.
- Addition of missing dialogues where the players consensus found relevant.
- Refactor and cleanup in the settings code, also adding the missing joystick keys, removing unused ones in the options:
New joystick options

I also thank NaN and BioHazard for their feedback and their continuous translation updates.
And finally Roots, for his will to keep collaborating with us, while struggling to bring Allacrost in a more and more interesting and enjoyable state. :) You might soon have the possibility to play two RPGs instead of one!

Now that this episode part is done and in feature freeze, the next version of Valyria Tear will feature what's next in the story, along with many new features!

Stay tuned!

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