Saturday, October 5, 2013

Valyria Tear 0.6.0 on Maemo5/N900

Hi everyone,

Thanks to the work of Aapo Rantalainen, Valyria Tear can now be run on N900 with quite surprisingly few
issues for a first version.
Big kudos to him!!

Here is the announcement and below a video!


  1. I also ported it on the OpenPandra (look here: ).
    Works very well, I also have long loading time, but less long than what is mentionned in N900 forum (I get some 10sec loading, more or less).

    1. Hi ptitSeb, :)

      Nice port, indeed! Just as I told Aapo in the forums, about the N900 port, the music loading might be a bit guilty here. Could you also tell me whether if removing the mus/ folder and playing help with loading times? (If it does, maybe you'll want to lower the musics quality a bit to earn some time there.)

      Also, can you give me a screenshot with the OpenPandora dialogue font size. I'll maybe consider making it bigger if it doesn't bring big issues.

      Best regards,

    2. I'll try to do some screenshot (but I'm not home before the end of week). It does a few overlaping, with Quest name for example or I have seen a dialog going outise the "paper" part. But the andora screen is very small, so i did *2 for font.size<13 and *3/2 for font.size<19.

      Il'll try without music soon and report also as soon as I can.

    3. I have done some perf analysis, and yes, ogg decoding seems the most cpu hungry process!
      More than 30% CPU eaten on loading music part.

    4. Is loading only a CPU problem, or is the filesize problematic for the memory also?
      I wondered whether reducing the music quality would help.

    5. It's not a file size issue. It's all fit the memory, no swapping involved here.I'm not sure what reducing music quality means. Should I try to use different ogg file or should I try less kHz in the output format?

    6. > Should I try to use different ogg file or should I try less kHz in the output format?

      Hi :)

      Well, I first naively think reducing the Khz could be an option and see whether this helps about loading.
      But if it's not, I'll need to know what function(s) is(are) slow, so we can work on it together.

      Best regards,