Thursday, September 26, 2013

0.6.0 Release!

Hi there,

Good news!

After a few good days in bugfixing, adding the missing little pieces needed to make the 0.6.0 release something polished enough for a pleasant flight, it is now DONE!!

The release is out and you can go grab it in the Downloads section!

Thanks a lot to the whole team that took the time to test and report feedback. :)

The following main parts were fixed if your interested:
- Fixed second boss skills
- Fixed the battle stats initialization that weren't proper for certain cases.
- Finally added the Crystal voicecasts.

Here is also the full changelog between the rc1 and the final release.



  1. Hi Yohann and all Valyria Tear players,
    The 0.6.0 release is now included in the Core Release repository of Mageia (only in the development version, which will be release as stable in February 2014).

    Cheers! :)

    1. Forgot the link:

    2. Hi Rémi, :)

      Great news! I've added the link into the download page. A BIG thank for the work done on it!!

      Best regards,