Thursday, August 22, 2013

Mountain background

Hi everyone :) Just a small update to tell that we've now got a new battle background thanks to Tamara Ramsay!

This wonderful new piece of art was partially funded thanks to the very first donation received! The donator wants to stay anonymous but I thank both this person and Tamara very warmly for the help :)

I thus opened a donation log to make clear of what is happening with the money given.



  1. That's some great background art! Congrats to Tamara and thanks to the donator :)

    I was thinking that maybe you could add some instructions about how to donate on the donation history page. Also with the donate button (it's already in the right-side menu, but it can be missed if you don't scroll down), and maybe a few words about your donation policy, i.e. what do you plan to do with the donated money (since it's labelled to Yohann Ferreira, it's good to know if it's entirely destinated to the Valyria Tear development or if it may also be used to keep the main developer alive :P). It seems you already have some ideas if you used the first donation to help fund the work of an artist - I like it! :)

    1. Hi Rémi,

      Thanks for the kind words. I've put the donate button right under the donation history link so it isn't missed when not scrolling down a bit.
      I've also added a few words about what is done with the money.
      Thanks for the advice!

      Best regards,