Thursday, October 25, 2012

Battle effects!

Hi everyone,

Au menu this time, quite some things happened since the last piece of new, I even had the occasion to take a break and have some vacations. ;)

Code-wise, a lot of work has happened around status effects and their appliance in battles:
Elemental, and status effects are now loaded and shown correctly in the shop mode. While on it, I also made shops actually support different price levels, so that the buy and sell pricing can vary according to your friendship with the seller.

In battles, a lot of work was made to show properly status effects and make them apply and last correctly.
For instance, you can now visually see it better when several active status effects are triggered, and the effects will take the battle time factor in account and correct their duration during fading out times, making them a bit more fair and more realistic, at least in my own eyes. ;)
(I also added a fully functional stun/paralysis effect. :])
Multiple status effect display

Another addition that won't go unnoticed ;), is battle particle effects support.
Let me explain, particle effects were already supported in all the game modes, but I had to make the particle effects be rendered at the right time so that it does overlap any sprite behind it, but doesn't overlap any other sprite in front of it.
The nice fact about this is that I was able to add support for the very first spells with visuals: Fire burst, First aid, and soon Haste, and Wave. ;)
Battle particle effects for spells.
I also rewrote the basic battle AI so that it can choose between all the currently supported types of skill, and not only the basic point based attack ones. This permitted to give them defensive, support and offensive skills and spells support also ;)

Another nice thing I wanted to do since some time now, is the addition of missing battle animations for Bronann and Kalya. I also made them whisper their spell at warm up time, and have a custom spell/support skill cast animation. I also added the quite missing Kalya victory pose :]

Last but not least, quite the best for the end in fact, thanks to the magnificent work of Zabin (from Open Game Art), a lot of improvement went into the mountain, winter and forest tilesets, permitting also to link better the mountain and the forest together. :)
All those nice additions shall be used quite extensively and shortly.

The mountain tileset, now with a cave entrance, new stone, grass, ground types, ...
Stay tuned!


  1. Thanks for saying my work is magnificent Bertram :] and thank you for making such a nice game. I can't wait to see some of the new additions in game :D

    I actually just made some sand to transparency tiles so it would be possible to have a beach.

    Unfortunately the game project I'm trying to help revive, the forums are down. I think the spam bots overloaded the max cap or something but I also haven't herd from the developer in a couple weeks. I'll keep you updated on Dusk's progress as soon as I know something.

    Anyway your doing a great job with your game! Keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks for the news about dusk, I was also wondering what was happening.
    And the pleasure is mine :)

    Best regards,

  3. The github sidebar links seem to be broken? (some kind of emptuy javascript?)

    1. Hi Iwan, :)

      I hope you're going well.

      Fixed thanks!
      I actually wonder what happened since I didn't touch it. (?)

      I also didn't forget about your hints for transparent donations and bitcoin. Will do asap.

      Best regards,