Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Equipment, formation and first maps!

Hi again,

Yesterday, I added equipment removal support in the inventory window,
as well as formation switching support.

I also added the possibility to disable a character from the available ones without erasing its data.

As for the editor, work has been kept on:
I made no more tolerated to put custom scripting before the map editor data in map files.
This permitted to more easily add:
- Auto namespace writing at save time,
- Storing of context inheritance, map name, and map location image filename.
(No menu to edit the last two fields in the editor yet.)
This is making the edition of map much more smooth in term of workflow so far.
I also quickly added back the fill layer option, and added a (disabled for now) layer handling toolbar.
(There is still a lot of work considering that sensitive part.)

The starting plot has been internally discussed (we are two story authors ;]), and the first map are being worked on.
More about that later :)

Best regards,


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